neljapäev, 27. oktoober 2011

6 min action from KMD CC 2011

Täna sain e-kirja Kopenhaagenist palvega sheerida hüva kama - siin ta on, mul võttis mõni koht judinad seljale:

During KMD Challenge Copenhagen 2011 we produced some great footage of all the action and adventures.
This has now been edited into an almost 7 minute long video of all the best action and emotion from KMD Challenge Copenhagen 2011. 
It's free - please share!
The video is of course free and we offer you the possibility to download it and keep it for good memories.
We hope that you will share it so your network has a chance to experience a great day of triathlon: Put it on Facebook, make it part of your mail footer, shout it out to the world, bring it to the next family get-together, put a link on your company intranet, hack some public tv screen and air it! Make it happen!
Sit back, crank up the volume - and enjoy!

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